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We always talk about how we change lives, not only in fitness but overall health. We are glad to provide the best services to help members and clients reach their highest potential. Read testimonials and our member stories below.

Ariel is a competitive Crossfit Athlete who came to us to lean out and also perform better. Trough her adherence to the plan we have been about to get her body leaner, while also getting her to eat about 500 calories more on average each day. Even at smaller stature she still consumes around 2500 calories daily. Her performance has also increased as she is well fueled, fully recovered, and her leverages are moving better. 

"Justin is an awesome coach! Been working with him for almost a year and have seen so much progress since I began working with him. He’s extremely knowledgeable and cares about his clients and it shows"

Cara is one of the hardest workers you will ever meet. She has made a massive change since coming to the gym. She has worked hard for a long time and has lost 45 pounds. During this time she also got stronger and now sits inside the Top 20 in the world for her weight class in raw Powerlifting. She is an elite level lifter with current best lifts being 446 raw squat, 259 bench, and 503 deadlift. She is among the top 1% of females to ever compete in the sport. We have helped guide her through this process but it all starts with the Athlete doing their part. Cara will continue to excel because she works at it every day.

Taylor came to us in need of help managing weight for powerlifting and losing body fat to increase leverage efficiency. The difference between the pictures is around 10 pounds while during this time we also were able to increase her daily intake by approximately 400 calories. Since Taylor has achieved a total placing her as a top 20 lifter in the world, she needed to stay in the 181 class to maintain her status for high level invitational meets. We were able to again increase her caloric intake to achieve and maintain within the ideal range of 183-185 pounds. She has never been stronger and continues to progress through hard work and discipline.

Katelyn has lost about 20 pounds since joining our training. She continues to get stronger adding about 100 pounds to her powerlifting total during this time. Still a young athlete she has a lot of room to grow, and continues to train hard through a rigorous school and work schedule. 

Erin had been with the gym for a long time. She has changed her life inside and outside the gym tremendously. She came through the doors ready to work and never looked back. She has a diverse training background. Erin has competed in powerlifting and more recently bodybuilding in the bikini class. She won her very first show in a competitive bikini class. Erin shows that you can achieve anything if you are willing to put in the work. Years of building and cutting helped her add a lot of muscle on and increase her metabolism greatly. Her food barely dropped below 1800 calories her whole prep, and never went to drastically low carbs. Showing that with the right coaching you can eat and still place at a show. As you can see from the pictures it shows the initial 10 weeks Erin came to us, then a couple years later of building and then the stage result.

"Best gym in the area. Large focus on powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting, but have the equipment necessary for bodybuilding and crossfit as well. You can efficiently train any style you want there. They have an excellent selection of specialty barbells, better than anywhere is the area. Everyone is very friendly, and the atmosphere is awesome. Wish I would of joined sooner" - Joe T

"I have been working with Justin since October of 2018. Prior to starting powerlifting coaching/programming my competition numbers were as follows: squat 314, bench 170, deadlift 358 for an 843 total. In as little as 5 months, Justin’s coaching helped pack 77lbs on my total. At my most recent meet I squatted 380 and pulled 375. Most recently, Justin has helped me work up to deadlifting 380 for reps as well as hitting many other volume PRs. Not only has Justin supported me in growing and getting stronger on the platform, but he has also helped with my mental gains. I have become more confident in myself and my lifts over the past two years. Justin works diligently to develop spot on programming and coaching. He also truly cares about his athletes and their well being. That being said, Justin also expects his athletes to do their part by following programming and meeting the necessary recovery needs it takes to be a powerlifter. The gym itself is also really well ran. At Unrivaled you will find up to date and quality equipment as well as an awesome group of knowledgeable and experienced coaches. I traveled to the gym multiple times during prep and was welcomed by the powerlifting crew as if I had been lifting there for years. If you would like to see a true product of Justin’s coaching my IG handle is @breatine_pwr" - Bre F

"The staff here is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. An awesome place for serious lifting, they have all the equipment and coaches/programming you would need to improve. Powerlifting, olympic lifting, crossfit, bodybuilding, mobility, general fitness... you name it, they have someone who's experienced and/or interested--whether it's general or sport-specfic--and willing to get you to where you want to be. Can honestly say it's one of the best gyms I've ever been in." - Aaron T

"Best gym environment I have been in after training for 20+ years. Good mix of those beginning their fitness journey to those operating at an elite level. The difference here is that there are NO EGO’s. Everyone is willing to help others and encourage to meet their goals. Staff is excellent and consists of trainers/coaches operating at or have operated at an elite level in weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding and CrossFit. Training and nutrition plans are exceptional. Excellent equipment and gym is extremely clean and pride of ownership is evident. Perfect choice for beginners as the encouragement and help offered is unparalleled. Many Elite level powerlifters and weightlifters call this gym home so it also is the perfect choice for advanced lifters." - Ryan D

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