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Group Training

  • Strength Class: Periodized strength based training mixed with bodybuilding accessories. This program is proven to develop not only strength but also build muscle for a better aesthetic look. Everything can be modified to your current fitness level and goals. We have a wide variety of clients including powerlifting competitors and beginners to fitness who have benefited from our expertise in technique and programming. Class meets twice per week and includes individualized programming with a coach who best fits your needs.

  • Functional Fitness Small Group Class: Everyone has days where you have a million and one reasons not to train. Let's face it, we are not always 100%. That's why we're here to lift you up, cheer you on and give you a kick in the butt when you need it. Strength training coupled with high intensity interval training to maximize your time in the gym. Pair that with our nutrition coaching and you'll achieve unbelievable results like never before. Unrivaled's functional fitness group gets you back to the basics and down to what's important. We make training fun and coaching our priority. Class meets five days per week.                        

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