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Unrivaled Strength & Fitness has a training gym atmosphere with a community of members and staff who motivate and push each other to reach their full potential. Located in the North Canton/ Belden Village area, Unrivaled offers a convenient location with affordable pricing. Our equipment is high quality and includes specialty bars, Olympic bars, light to heavy dumbbells, power racks, monolift, chains, sleds, cardio equipment, cable machines, and other isolation pieces. Unrivaled offers general membership as well as coaching for any fitness goal, competitive or otherwise. We are also home to Rubber City Weightlifting Club, a USA Weightlifting registered competitive club. Please visit for more information.

Our Coaches

Justin Oliver
Justin powerlifting.jpg

One of the most sought out strength and nutrition coaches in Ohio, Justin has worked with a wide range of individuals and athletes. With years of experience in the fitness industry and a highly diverse background in training, there are very few types of goals that he has not helped clients achieve. He has worked to build strength in beginner to elite level powerlifters, as well as D1 Collegiate and High School athletes. Between 2021-2022 Justin worked with 11 athletes inside the top 20 in the world for their weight class in Powerlifting or Olympic Weightlifting.


His client base stretches across the country for competitive powerlifting and aesthetic based goals, as well as NPC show preps. Justin has a reputation for completely changing his clients’ metabolisms to efficiently fuel for performance and produce aesthetic based results. His ability to change lives and get the best from his clients has received attention from the Canton Repository and News Channel 5 in Cleveland.


Justin's personal achievements in fitness and education give him a unique perspective into helping mold both athletes and non-competitors alike. He has competed in powerlifting in the 198, 220, and 242 weight classes and has achieved an Elite status in all three weight classes. He is ranked inside the top 1% to ever compete in raw powerlifting. Prior to this he was a extremely fit athlete who has competed in Crossfit.


Unrivaled Strength had always been a vision of his, and after spending years as a trainer and fitness director, Justin opened Unrivaled Strength & Fitness in June of 2015. Since opening his facility, Unrivaled Strength & Fitness has gained the reputation of being the premier barbell sport facility in the area. The gym has branded itself throughout the country and is rapidly growing. Our facility caters not only to competitors, but anyone looking to make a change in their life.

Dan Bell

Dan Bell has coached weightlifting exclusively for nearly 18 years. He is a USA Weightlifting National (Level 2) coach and has guided weightlifters to the national and international level, as well as helped hundreds of Crossfitters improve their weightlifting technique.


Coach Bell has been involved in weight training and barbell sports for over forty years. His strength journey has taken him from preparing for high school football and wrestling to powerlifting, strongman training, and finally, Olympic weightlifting. He compares weightlifting to a 300 pound golf swing. The technique is that demanding and precise. He believes weightlifting to be the ultimate test of speed, strength, flexibility and athleticism.

Lindsey Oliver

Lindsey has earned her bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science as well as an NSCA Certified Personal Trainer certification. Since 2016, she has been helping a wide variety of clients with their health, fitness, and strength through training and nutrition assistance. She has a diverse background of experience, producing results with youth athletes, strength sport competitors, as well as the general gym goer who has goals to improve their body composition and strength.

Lindsey has an athletic background of 20 years of dance as well as teaching dance classes, and she brings this knowledge of biomechanics and body movement into her coaching. In the fitness world, Lindsey is an elite powerlifter, with a 1074 pound total in the 165 pound weight class and a 1019 total in the 148 pound class. She is among the top 1% of females to ever compete in the sport. She has recently begun training in the sport of Olympic weightlifting, qualifying for and competing at the North American Open Series 1 at the Arnold Sports Festival. She also has a career in the field of Occupational Therapy and has a passion for working with the pediatric population in a school setting.

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